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“Throughout the entire project the constantly worked with us to come up with the best solution both technically and economically.” David Spence, York & Maple

We are Building Envelope Consultants with over 50 years of combined experience in the Building Envelope field of construction.

Apex Building Sciences Inc. (Apex) provides Value Engineering services related to the building envelope sector. Our experienced Professional Engineers oversee the building envelope projects and the operations of the company while our in-house design team provides adaptable, comprehensive  design solutions. Apex specializes in two distinct fields:


We provide complete building envelope and roofing inspections of wood-frame single family, townhouse and apartment projects, non-combustible and high rise projects as well as commercial buildings for owners, architects and developers throughout British Columbia. Learn More...


We provide complete restoration of buildings and roofing systems which are experiencing moisture problems including building envelope assessments and inspections, design and document preparations, procurement, contract administration, remediation field inspections, as well as litigation support services.



This process refers to the development of drawings, details, and specifications. Using our extensive experience and effective communication system we are able to collaborate with clients to ensure comprehensive, cost effective solutions to building envelope issues. 


Tendering refers to the selection procedure used to determine the choice of general contractor. The general contractor is responsible for the construction process. Apex Building Sciences Inc. utilizes approved experienced contractors that provide a consistent, high quality product. Our responsibilities under this section include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting in the choice of acceptable bidders
  • The development and assembly of bid documents
  • The issuance and acceptance of documents
  • Accommodating effective communication between parties
  • Assisting and advising the owner in awarding contracts for construction

Field Review Services:

Field reviews of restoration projects are completed for the duration of the project in order to ensure compliance in the construction processes. Field reviews are co-ordinated between the consultant and contractors. Field reviews are documented immediately via computer generated reports and accompanying photographic records. The results are continually communicated to the owners and affiliated stakeholders. 

Contract Administration:

Apex Building Sciences Inc. represents the client's interests during the construction process. We diligently report to the client regarding the progress and quality of the work. We are dedicated to effectively communicating with our client and including them as part of the decision making process. Contract administrative requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Disseminating contract documents
  • Providing supplemental instructions to the contractor
  • Reviewing the work for general compliance
  • Interpreting the requirements of the contract documents
  • Rejecting work that does not comply with the contract documents
  • Assigning values to the rejected work
  • Issuing change orders/change directories
  • Confirming the values owed to the contractor
  • Establishing deficiencies and resultant holdbacks
  • Issuing certificates for payment