Restoration / Repairs

We provide complete or targeted restoration services for the Building Envelope and / or Roofing System. Clients are able to choose optional services to the requirements of their project.

Design Documents

This process refers to the development of drawings, details, and/or specifications. Using our extensive experience and effective communication system we are able to collaborate with clients to ensure comprehensive, cost effective solutions to building envelope issues. Apex will create Drawings of your property and provide project specific Building Envelope Details in compliance with the current Building Code and good waterproofing practices.

Mandatory field reviews

Field reviews of restoration projects are completed periodically for the duration of construction in order to ensure compliance in the construction processes. Field reviews are coordinated between the consultant and contractors. Field reviews are documented immediately via computer generated reports  with accompanying photographic records. The results are continually communicated to the owners and affiliated stakeholders.  

Tender Meeting / Bid Analysis (optional)

Tendering refers to the selection procedure used to determine the choice of general contractor. The general contractor is responsible for the construction process. Apex Building Sciences Inc. utilizes approved experienced contractors that provide a consistent, high quality product. Apex creates project specific bid forms. Alternate / Separate Price Items can be considered. Apex will invite contractors to a closed tender meeting on site to obtain bids for the Summary of Work. Bids will be delivered to Apex and we will create a Bid Summary for review. 

Permit Application Services (optional)

Apex will attend the Municipal office to apply for and obtain the required permit on behalf of the Owners. If a permit is required, we will need the Owner to provide us with authorization to be their agent. We will obtain the documents needed and attend the Municipality to submit the permit application and any subsequent meetings they request. We will attend the Municipality to pick up the permit and deliver to site. We will provide the Municipality documents to close the permit.

Contracting / Contract administration (optional)

Apex will create the contract between the Client and General Contractor based on CCDC2 2008 Stipulated Bid Price Contract. Contractor invoices will be submitted to Apex to review for work completion including any time and material charges. Apex Building Sciences Inc. diligently reports to the client regarding the progress and quality of the work. We are dedicated to effectively communicating with our client and including them as part of the decision making process.